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Catch up with all the MX-5 Regional Events happening over the next few months …


We would expect that if you attend club events, you’d normally attend the events organised by your selected region. They will be responsible for sending you any event notices, and correspondence, however other regions may send you things from time to time. You are welcome to attend the events of other regions.

Whangarei / Twin Coasts

Details to come.

Northern / Auckland

Details to come.

Waikato / Hamilton

12 December 2021 – Xmas Run

Departure Time – 10.30 am
Departure Location – TBA
Expected Duration – All day
Details – Please reserve this date. The original function at Waihi Beach RSA has been cancelled due to Auckland still being in lockdown and Tauranga having a clash of dates. The December run is being organised by Gerry Hamilton and the details will be put up when finalised.
Contact – Maureen Major 021 029 11608

Facebook Pages and Groups

Facebook pages are maintained by some Regions. Open pages are visible to all. Closed Groups are for MX-5 Club Members only. If you are a Financial Member, regional coordinators are happy to accept your request to join a page by answering a couple of questions.

See details below for each Region.

The Club also maintains a Facebook page: Facebook

Bay of Plenty / Tauranga

5 Dec 2021 – Xmas Lunch Run

Departure Time – TBA
Departure Location – TBA
Expected Duration – 10.30–2.30
Details – Xmas lunch at Waihi Beach RSA at 12 noon. Please bring a Secret Santa Gift, one per person attending. $10.00
Contact – Karen Struiksma 027 342 7189

Hawkes Bay / Napier / Hastings

12 December – Lunch in Mahia

Departure Time – 0930am
Departure Location – Outside BP Bay View
Expected Duration – Most of the day
Contact – Mike 021 152 6573

Note: We usually have a run on the third Sunday of every month.


Contact Nora Hunn 027 216 0608 or Grant Roe


Please use the Run Events Submission Form at bottom of this page to add details of your upcoming events.

Kapiti Coast

12 December – Christmas BBQ

Meeting Time – from 10am Everest Cafe Featherston

Departure Time – 10.30-10.45

Departure Location – Everest Cafe

Expected Duration – most of day

Significant Places – just a few back roads then private house for BBQ


Brief Additional Details – Meeting cafe for coffee and chat. Depart and driving some back roads, then going to Masterton for lunch.
Contact – Sharon 027 27 44 443

Nelson / Tasman

Runs are usually 4th Sunday of each month.


Details to come.


Details to come.

Dunedin / Otago

Details to come.

Southland / Invercargill

Runs are usually 1st Sunday of each month.


Coordinators are your primary contacts for information about planned events and activities in your region.

Whangarei / Twin Coasts

Terry Conaghan
Phone: 09 437 0898
Mobile: 027 611 7187
Email: [email protected]

Northern / Auckland

Allan Boot
Mobile: 027 260 0667
Email: [email protected]

Northern/Auckland has a closed Facebook group with regular updates on activities: Facebook

Waikato / Hamilton

Gary and Maureen Major
Phone: 027 242 6783
Email: [email protected]

Bay of Plenty / Tauranga

Karen Struiksma
Mobile: 027 342 7189
Email: [email protected]

Hawkes Bay / Napier / Hastings

Mike & Rosemary Hurley
Phone: 06 878 9265
Mobile: 021 152 6573
Email: [email protected]


Nora Hunn
Phone: 06 761 8864
Mobile: 027 216 0608
Email: [email protected]

Taranaki has a Facebook group with regular updates on activities: Facebook


To be advised.

Manawatu has a closed Facebook group with regular updates on activities: Facebook

Kapiti Coast / Wellington

Sharon and Keith Ewing
Phone: 06 379 7709
Mobile: 027 274 4443
Email: [email protected]

Kapiti has an open Facebook page with regular updates on activities: Facebook

Nelson / Tasman

To be advised.


To be advised.


To be advised.

Dunedin / Otago

Clint Trewin
Phone: 03 455 3246 (Work)
Mobile: 027 435 8510 (A/hours)
Email: [email protected]

Southland / Invercargill

Peter Glover
Phone: 03 217 7187
Mobile: 027 634 3900
Email: [email protected]


Nationwide, since 1990


Mark 1 NA 1989–1998
Mark 2 NB 1998–2000
Mark 2.5 NB-FL 2001–2005
Mark 3 NC 2005–2008
Mark 3.5 NC-FL 2009–2013
Mark 3.75 NC-FL2 2013–2015
Mark 4 ND 2015–




Just in case you have not heard Northern MX-5 won the best display at this prestige Classic car show.

At 8am on show day a group of members arrived at the Ellersiie race course to set up our display. Brenda and Marilyn had spent
a lot of time on design and gathering the goodies, which included a May pole with heaps of coloured streamers and bunting.

This was to compete in the show theme competition which was a carnival theme. Our display was based on THE GREATEST SHOWMAN movie. lt took us close to an hour to assemble. The weather was fine but the wind was giving us a hard time.

Once we got the display up it was time for the members to get into the clown outfits. Some really weird people emerged, but hey it worked. The clowns and colours attracted a lot of punters over the day.

Allan Boot our new co-ordinator was dressed as a Ring Master and with a megaphone and some great sales pitch he had people coming to our display. All clowns worked all day, talking to people and promoting the club and our cars.

We managed get a number of people with MX-5s to join our club and some were going to purchase one and join. Margaret sat in her RF for most of the day, working the roof up and down This was also a great attraction.

We had 10 cars on display. Frank kindly supplied three special cars – a rare NB coupe, a original NA and a beautiful blue NB with all the accessories one could think of. There was another NA, an ND and three RFs, one the latest 30th year special, and two NCs. All the cars were beautifully prepared and looked stunning in the sun.

By mid afternoon the wind had pretty well wrecked our display, however the judges must have seen it before destruction. At 3pm the word came that we should head to the Pavilion for the prize giving.

The organisers read out the first five places which included a number of the usual traditional classic car big boys.

We thought that’s us out, but lo and behold they called overall first place the MX-5 Car Club. We sat there for a moment like stunned mullets (not as stunned as some more high profile clubs). A couple of cups and a cheque for $750 for the club made the long hot day worthwhile.

We have been at the show for a number of years, and possibly the Mazda MX-5 is now recognized as a Classic.

A special thanks to the members that supplied their cars and dressed as clowns, and very special thanks to Marilyn and Brenda for the inspirational design and huge effort in preparing the event for us.

Report by Morrin Layton. Main photo by Marilyn Harp. Other photos by Brenda White.



Cars met at Manor Station Car park then drove over to Carterton and met Wairarapa cars at Wild Oats. After a Coffee and chat we handed out drive sheets, to head on our way. Firstly heading to the Paua Shell factory shop to have a look. Some did shopping.

Then we headed out the back of Carterton,joining back on SH2 at Wangina then heading out back of Masterton joining back onto SH2, then turning off to Mauriciville then a loop to cross over SH2 going around back of Eketehuna before joining SH2 again to drive through Pahiatua then turning off SH2 to head out to Pongaroa.

Great day for a drive with tops down. Had lunch and a chat at the pub, before heading home.

Little did we know that our April drive was going to be cancelled and in about ten days our world was going to be different. Hope everyone is staying safe. We will really appreciate our freedom when we get it back, we take so much for granted.

Driving our lovely cars with all that beautiful scenery and meeting all you wonderful people. Look forward to seeing you all again soon. Stay safe, do your bit and hopefully will be over soon.

Report & Photos by Sharon Ewing.




Another lovely fine Hawkes Bay day finds us at the Aquarium of New Zealand on the Marine Parade in Napier, ready for a 9.30 start for a meander around the local MX roads. These are roads we have been on before, but hey, good roads are good roads!

Four cars, with one meeting us on the road. We set off tops down and toured down the main road to Clive, veered off to do a round-a-bout way of going through Whakatu industrial area and on out to the Tuki Tuki valley. No other traffic, no cyclists (we must have just been a tad too early), for a nice cruise on Tukituki Rd to catch up with our other car at the Waimarama Rd intersection.

Heading back towards Havelock North and go past the Craggy Range Winery. It’s like driving through a tunnel with large trees each side of
the road, very pretty. They obviously irrigate the grounds at the Winery, the contrast between the grounds and the surrounding hills is like black and white, or, green and very brown!

Meander our way through the village and head off onto the country roads which sees us do the odd un-expected detour and wander our way around to end up at Bridge Pa. Hang a left onto Raukawa Rd and head for the hills. We get onto Whakapirau Rd, which most hadn’t been on before. Quite steep downhill, lots of tight bends, and even a couple of Beagle dogs in the middle of the road – which apparently they think they own!

Skirt around the outskirts of Hastings to Fernhill. Here we should have headed for a long loop off the Taihape Rd, but we cut it short as we had a booking at a Café and couldn’t afford to be too late. (Bit of a time error in the planning.)

Out to Puketapu and then heading for the hills again. Take in a big hill, then a hard right-hander to head towards lunch. Through Bay View village, and then try and turn right onto the main highway – seemed like the longest part of the morning!

A short way up the highway and we are at Snapper Café for lunch, and we find Ann and Noddy waiting for us. They would have been on the run except for the knee op Ann is still recovering from. Still, we can pretend the van is a “5” in disguise.

A great meal, a long natter (as you do) and its home time.

Report by Mike; Photos by Trish.

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